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We supply Vertical Sunbeds (Stand up whole body Tanning )  & Canopy, lay down Sunbeds

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  • All our Sunbeds are fitted with Evolution 0.3 EU compliant Tubes

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  • Twin Timers and hour counters guaranteeing safety and performance.

  • Full length customer controlled body breeze unit.

  • All round Body Tanning. Ideal for size 14/16 and above

  • Quick installation – Assembles in less than 5 minutes

  • Only 3.5 Ft x 3.5 Ft floorspace required – Arrives in sections and assembled at your home / upstairs or down

  • 2 x 13 Amp sockets required

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9 Tube Elite Canopy

A fold away unit is more desirable if space is a premium it folds away to a compact unit. It also gives you the comfort of using your own bed when you are tanning.

Special features


Digital StillCamera



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 9 Tube Collagen Red Light Therapy with 4 tube facial boost.

Smoothes and reduces wrinkles

Digital StillCamera


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